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Extensive Dam Monitoring for Calaveras Dam, San Francisco

Provided a state-of-the-art Seismic Monitoring and Management Center for SFPUC’s largest Bay Area Dam, the Calaveras Dam.

The Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) under the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a $4.8 billion, multi-year capital program to upgrade the regional and local water systems.

The largest project in the program is the $823 million Calaveras Dam, currently monitored by iDAM, a specialized Kinemetrics product. Kinemetrics in conjunction with Terracon, has successfully fabricated a turn-key system for Calaveras Dam.

The project creates a network of smart, IP-ready Seismic Stations combined with a Data Center for extensive Dam Monitoring. 900Mhz Radios to provide telemetry, 90W Solar Panels to power the stations, and Kinemetrics’ Rock Monitor Professional Software to monitor all stations at once.

The Dam has four monitoring points at the Crest, Foundation, Abutment, and Free-Field with the Integrated instrumentation and software of the multi-sensor seismic network producing high-quality information.