Electrical resistivity tomography for Hydrological processes of areas surrounding the dam and integral to the dam internal structure.

How to protect earth filled Dams as critical assets

Service providers need to understand the internal dam’s integrity and to locate potential points of failure.

Electrical based equipment – SYSCAL PRO or SYSCAL PRO Switch

Combined with other technologies (seismic), the SYSCAL PRO or SYSCAL PRO Switch resistivimeter can image areas of concern related to abnormal failures. It brings relevant information concerning the underground soil moisture.

Advantages – High resolution imagery, high-speed recording (switch), onshore and offshore recordings.

How to monitor earth fill Dams integrity over time

Service providers need to monitor the dams’ behaviour over time even in difficult to access terrains.

Electrical based equipment – SYSCAL PRO or SYSCAL PRO Switch

The SYSCAL PRO and SYSCAL PRO Switch resistivimeter can image over time areas of concern related to abnormal seepage or water leaks (time lapse recording). If the acquisition sequence is fixed, the Switching mode (SYSCAL PRO Switch) is not required.

Advantages – Can be controlled remotely (SYSCAL Monitoring unit). Data are sent directly to the operator office.

How to predict potential landslides risking over topped dams

Service providers need to image the slopes in three dimensions

Electrical based equipment – FullWaver system as recorders and Tipix or Vip as transmitter

The FullWaver system is able to deliver a full 3D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) of the entire landslide without any directional bias.

The FullWaver system consists on at least one I-FullWaver dedicated for current readings and several V-FullWaver (receivers) specifically developed for recording full waveform time domain resistivity. For each receiver, three electrodes are settled aiming to record potential variation at two orthogonal dipoles. Time series are recorded at 10ms sampling rate. The FullWaver system is used with any type of high-power transmitters. IRIS Instruments delivers several types of high power transmitters from 2.2 to 10 kW.

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