GPR systems work by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material via an antenna.

An integrated computer records the strength and time required for the return of any reflected signals. Subsurface variations will create reflections that are picked up by the system and stored on digital media. These reflections are produced by a variety of material such as geological structure differences and man-made objects like pipes and wire.

A wide range of GPR equipment is available for dam assessment and evaluation applications. While a lower frequency antenna can collect deeper data, it cannot provide the resolution to image small targets or closely spaced soil boundaries available with a higher frequency antenna. GSSI offers a full suite of antennas to accommodate various project requirements.

GPR Technologies Explained

All the GSSI antennas listed below are compatible with the SIR 4000 controller to facilitate the survey:

Multiple Low Frequency (MLF) Analog Antenna (16-80 MHz)
100 MHz Analog Antenna (Mono-Static and Bi-Static)
200 MHz Analog Antenna and 200 HS Digital Antenna
350 MHz Analog Antenna and 350 HS MHz Digital Antenna
400 MHz Analog Antenna
900 MHz Analog Antenna

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Geophysical investigation
Shallow geophysical investigation
Geophysical investigation, bathymetry, utility detection, concrete inspection
Geologic profiling
Geophysical investigation
Geologic profiling
Concrete Inspection
Concrete reinforcement, structural analysis
Concrete reinforcement, structural analysis

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