Kinemetrics’ monitoring platforms and engineering services provide end-to-end solutions addressing a dam's earthquake risk.

Since 1969, Kinemetrics and its subsidiaries and partners have been the global market leaders in designing technologies, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes and their effects on people and structures. Many Kinemetrics products are the de facto world's standards.

Located in Pasadena, California, also known as Earthquake Country, Kinemetrics is a neighbour to the world's cutting-edge earthquake research powerhouses such as the California Institute of Technology, UCSD's Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. With a high level of innovative talents available in this unique and vibrant local community, Kinemetrics is developing innovative technologies and products to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Globally recognized, Kinemetrics is the most trusted and preferred partner for those who seek actionable solutions for taking seismic resilience further.

Vertical product lines such as iDAM, Oasis, and Condor are specialized systems that address client's structural health and earthquake monitoring and business continuity needs.


Earthquake Monitoring

To monitor earthquake activity and its effect on a dam's structure


To assess the seismic stability and deformation for geotechnical structures

Site Characterization

To quantify the soil effects for seismic analysis & design

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