IRIS Instruments - Global geophysical instrument manufacturer, Electrical resistivity tomography and monitoring for Dams.

IRIS Instruments was established in 1990 for the design, manufacture and supply of geophysical instruments enabling users to understand site characterization by bridging geophysics and digital with unmatched solutions that measure, process and interpret field data. IRIS trains field operators on proper measurement procedures, instruments use, data processing and interpretation with on-site training in every continent around the world.

Owners and Dam technicians need to understand the dam structures internal integrity to locate points of failure in real time or with time acquired monitoring. The topography of dam areas and slopes benefit from resistivity and polarisation imaging in three dimensions to predict potential landslides and related overtopping risks. IRIS Instruments SYSCAL PRO Switch resistivity-meter & Full Waver Systems provide dimensional imaging for technicians and service providers for dam issue predictability and longer term monitoring for remedial work.


Multi-channel electrical resistivity imaging (2D and 3D) to define the internal integrity of dams and locate

potential points of failure

Monitoring dam seepage, water saturation, piping and leakage paths

3D characterization and monitoring of dam slopes

2D and 3D imaging of lateral dam slopes to prevail potential landslide risk of over topped dams

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