The widest range of geophysical and seismic techniques services and technologies to address non-invasive investigation and the maintenance and monitoring of Dams, Embankments and Levees

The member companies of the dam safety group offer proven solutions for the evaluation and monitoring of safety and subsurface ground characterization issues for new build or existing Dams and related hydrological projects. Together with market leading real time seismic Earthquake Early Warning Systems supported by a wide range of alerting technologies....more

Resistivity Imaging
Multi-channel electrical resistivity imaging (2D and 3D) to define the internal integrity of dams and locate potential points of failure

Monitoring dam seepage, water saturation, piping and leakage paths

3 dimensional characterization and monitoring of dam slopes

2D and 3D imaging of lateral dam slopes to prevail potential landslide risk of over topped dams ...more

Seismic Tomography
Characterize ground conditions in terms of shear wave velocity, rippability, bedrock mapping and soil condition

Identify faults and related structures

Soil type in levees

Active and Passive Surface Wave Techniques ...more

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Non-destructive imaging of the subsurface and manmade materials

Characterizing Internal Structures

Detection of cavities

Concrete inspection and geotechnical investigation of dams, earthen levees and embankments

Reservoir and stilling basin examination ...more

Wireline Borehole Logging

Characterize ground conditions in terms of condition, stiffness, fractures and lithology

Gain an understanding of the groundwater conditions

Investigate the condition of existing structures associated with dams ...more

Seismic Monitoring

Monitor earthquakes and structural response with business continuity decision making

Provide installation, training, maintenance, operational support for continuous system availability

Deliver services from seismic hazard and risk assessment to performance-based earthquake engineering ...more

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