The Dam Safety Group brings together a group of member companies ideally positioned to use proven geophysical technology, services and products for Dam site investigation and monitoring together with seismic monitoring via earthquake early warning and evaluation systems.

The technologies presented here for characterizing on-site ground conditions are cost effective and allow for flexible deployment at all stages of the dam and levee lifecycle. Data acquisition and analysis of the subsurface properties provide the necessary information to evaluate hydrological, geological and construction conditions before they become an issue.

Geophysical technologies can be rapidly deployed and provide an effective means to evaluate subsurface information, continuous monitoring and condition assessment throughout a structure’s life. It is reliable and non-invasive and may be integrated with other types of ground surveys to build a visual understanding of the overall subsurface at the site.

Facility Managers and Operators may be required to take decisive action to prevent catastrophic incidents in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake monitoring systems assist in such decision making by providing predictive data before an earthquake and to evaluate the structural integrity of the dam or levee immediately after an earthquake.

Non-invasive or destructive techniques

Regular monitoring of Dams

Early warning detection of geotechnical problems

Assists the design and build of remedial projects

Assists to assess remedial work after completion

Identifies damaged areas within the body of the Dam

Locates fractures, voids and zones of seepage

The Dam Safety Group is a co-operative family of Companies from within the OYO Corporation of Japan; a corporate voice of the environmental, international resources and energy, natural disaster prevention and mitigation and infrastructure maintenance, management and renovation industries.

OYO is a 2200 employee and 460 million US Dollar Global Corporation.

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